Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentines Cake Contest

Valentines Cake Contest
Ok so here is the first contest. Lets see if this gets any responses

Remember that all forum rules apply.

Design this cake template for Valentine's Day!!
Try to include TL or TL logo somewhere on or around the cake.

Rewards: (sorry no Gems can be awarded as I am not TL employee)
- bragging rights as with other user contests
- a feature front page spot at SupremeDynasty (it's not much, but gets over a thousand visits a day, so it's like a user spotlight, I guess )

Entries - Feb 11 (Sat)
Voting by user/community- Feb 12-13 (Sun, Mon)
Winner announced - Feb 14/15

Have fun :)

>> Voting page has been established, but votes are disabled until voting day begins! Check it out !!

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