Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My First Lot for the Sims3

There is a Sim on the lot cuz I was testing it, but you can just evict her.
3 stories, 4 bedrm house, 2.5 bathrooms, activity room (3d floor), Big house lots of room, features Zen garden, 2 parking spaces, an area behind parking for gardening, 5 balconies, microfiber living room couches, front walk-in area, side walk-in area, of course kitchen, dining rm.
Lot size: 30x30
Furnished: $186k
Unfurnished: $82k
File Size: 7 MB
Note: I do have World Adventures and may have used some furnishings from WA and Downloads from the Sims3 website. Sorry, I'm not sure how it'll work if you don't have WA.
{Downloaded times.}
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