Friday, March 12, 2010

Make the switch to Gmail

Why switch to Gmail as your main email?
Gmail is the greatest & best browser-based email client ever!!
More stuff coming soon... just sick at the moment.

1. There's alot of customization. (Themes (img)!! Label colors (img).)
2. Quick Loading times.
3. Lots of space 7.4 GB Free
4. Integrated Buzz (although Buzz needs a little bit more work)
5. Labels instead of Folders (have a message in more than one category)
6. Infinite Filters (I need this!)
7. Chat right from your inbox
8. Large attachment sizes
9. Does a good job blocking spam
10. LABS!!! (link)

Labs in Gmail for your custom needs!!

^ This should be a regular as Picasa is a part of Google.

^ This should be a regular or option under settings as Google Docs is Google.

^ Quick links to your most used searches or settings that you access most. (Of course you would have to 'add' your quick link.

^ Wish they would add more icons and allow you to filter also by what type of superstar it is.

^ This should be a regular settings option.

^ Up to five multiple inboxes

^ Love this... I have roughly 80-90 filters.

^ Should be integrated already.

^ Very Very Useful!!!

^ Very cute!

^ Useful... instead of having the whole convo unread, it marks it from a certain spot.

^ Again should be a regular settings option.

Wish they would bring Right-side labels back with the new label system also.
There are more labs, these are just some of the ones I use.

So can your email client do most of this?