Friday, April 6, 2012

SD Earth Day Fashion Contest

Ok so I'm a little late for an Easter contest.

How 'bout an Earth Day (April 22) contest. This may let some of your creativity flow.
I'm not an Earth Day fanatic but do conserve, reduce, reuse & recylce. But also thought that this may be an interesting 'contest' topic and really see some interesting things :).

Yes, sorry another Fashion Drawing contest :p
I did make a tutorial for you all using GIMP though, for those of us who can't afford Photoshop, like me :D lol.

If drawing isn't your thing, remember this is a user contest and not for Gems, so it is something to do for fun and hone your skills for future official TL contests. Maybe we'll do a recipe contest for all you chefs out there :p someday.

So here are the doll templates again: (Courtesy of TL)

- Basically, just design something for Earth Day using the above doll templates and any program you wish to use.
- Multiple entries is also ok.

Rewards: (sorry no Gems can be awarded as I am not TL employee)
- bragging rights as with other user contests
- the top 3 will be featured at Supreme and SD Blog.

Last Day for Entries - Apr 19 (Thu)
Voting by user/community - Apr 19 - 22
Winners announced - Apr 22

When it comes time for voting, you can 'promote' your entry for more votes. post it on your wall to get your nbrs to vote, get your friends to vote, all they have to do is go to the voting page and click vote :).

Have fun :)

Photo Editing programs include but not limited to:
Photoshop (PS), Paint Shop Pro (PSP), Microsoft Paint, and GIMP.
There's an iPad Photo Editing program mentioned in the Forums called Sketchbook Express (also available for Android tablets).

Some photo upload services are Picasa Web (Google), Photobucket, Flickr (Yahoo), and you can even use your facebook account with a public setting on the photo/album you'd like to share. I think there's some twitter picture upload services you can use also.

SD's Gimp Tutorial
GIMP Tutorials - YouTube Videos

Additional details at forums, but you can post a reply here if you'd like to enter.
Just reply and post a link to your picture here on the blog.