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Transferring TeamLava games to new device with Storm8 app (with pictures)

Transferring Teamlava games to a new device (Storm8 app method) with Pictures!!

There's still a lot of questions about how to do this, hope this will clarify things a little. This should help get your saved games immediately to your new device. There is a 99% success rate :)

Asking kindly to Please read thoroughly! This post answers a lot of questions.

Please be sure to read thoroughly as this guide will also provide warnings if you use the UDID method and how to fix it or if you have to reset your device.

If your situation is a little different, feel free to ask, but any other situation where you don't have both ID and Password, you will likely have to contact TL support for transferring.

The transfer takes place in a Storm8 app (World War, Racing Live, Ninjas Live, etc.) NOT in your TeamLava apps . So you will need to install a Storm8 app on your device if you don't have one already.

You won't have a transfer option in your TeamLava apps (Bakery, Restaurant, Dragon, Fashion, Farm, etc) as you will see in the photos the transfer takes place in a Storm8 app.

Update: Restaurant Story on iOS has a transfer/log in option to recover your progress. (screenshots below)


First thing: SET UP A PASSWORD!! --- IMPORTANT!!

- For this transfer to work, you need your Storm8 ID, Password and a Storm8 app.
- Do NOT establish an ID on the new device or the device you wish to transfer to.
- Have games you play downloaded to new device before the transfer, for precautionary measures. Don't open the apps on the new device, until after the transfer.

Note: I have transferred successfully when I installed the TL apps after the transfer in a storm8 app. So it's up to you which way you prefer. Most people download TL apps then transfer for comfort.

You only need to install one version of the game: Dragon Story or Dragon New Dawn

The transfer only takes like 10 minutes.

Why do I need a Storm8 app?

Your TL apps have a storm8 ID (the ID you share to obtain nbrs). The only apps (that I know of currently and still work) that are available to do the transfers of your TL game(s) progress, are Storm8 apps. So when you use the storm8 app to transfer, any app that has your storm8 ID will transfer your progress for all games associated with that ID.

I don't currently know if it transfers IceMochi/Shark Party game progress. Shark Party games have my ID there, so I am assuming they would transfer. But IceMochi games do not have my ID anywhere, so I don't know if your 'progress' will be transferred.


I would recommend using Racing Live (Well it's the one I normally use). If you're on Kindle, World War or Kingdoms Live would do.

Ninjas Live has issues with iOS 6+ as it hasn't been updated since 2010.

You only need to play up to level 2 in a Storm8 app.
I believe someone told me that Kingdoms Live requires that you play up to level 5 in order to get to settings.


I've tried it on both iOS and Android, and worked for all 20+ times I've tried.

You can transfer to iOS to iOS, Android to Android, Android to iOS and iOS to Android.

I don't have a Kindle, but since World War is available for Kindles, I would imagine that the transfer to Kindles will work as well.
-- I did get confirmation that the transfer works on Kindles as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE (From iOS): If you transfer from iOS to Android or iOS to Kindle, you may lose some features of your game and may not get them back when you go back to iOS. Also games that aren't available for Android but is available for iOS, may not transfer over. So you may lose features when you do a cross-platform transfer. You can lose the whole game if the device doesn't yet have the game available.

You can only play one ID on one Device. Cannot play the same ID on two devices. Nor can you play two IDs on one device.


If you already have a password, I would recommend you go through the Storm8 app and make sure that your password is saved within the storm8 app as well. If you'd still like to continue without checking your password in a storm8 app, then scroll about half way down this tutorial to proceed to the steps for the transfer to the new device.

If you are logged into the forum with the ID to be transferred, then you have your password and do not need to go through the Storm8 app of current device. You will just need to go through the second part that takes place on your new device that you are transferring to.

So it's actually the same password you use to get onto the forums.

If you don't remember your password, but have access to current device, just go into any TeamLava app and follow the FAQ to change your password.

If you don't have access to your old/current device, you'll need to contact TL.

IDs already on device

If you've already established an ID on the new device, you will need to contact TL support to have them do the transfer for you. Email Teamlava.

If you received a used device and it has an ID on it already, you will need to contact TL.

You can remove the ID on the device by restoring the device to factory settings (out-of-box state, not restoring from a backup). Of course that means that you risk losing other saved data and games unless there is an individual backup/restore option for the application. Games/Data saved locally to the device will be erased... unless of course there was an external backup option.


This shows the example of an iOS device, but it's only because it's easier to take screenshots on an iOS device (for me anyway ). This transfer does work for Android and Kindles as well.

Nov 14, 2012: OH BTW, you don't HAVE to use Ninjas Live, you can choose any storm8 app (Racing Live, World War, iMobsters, etc - Not sure about the Cannon Ball one though). I just used Ninjas Live cause I was playing it at the time.

Nov 16, 2012: It's probably better to use Racing Live or World War as Ninjas Live hasn't been updated since 2010. I was having trouble recently (Nov 16, 2012) transferring with Ninjas Live on iOS 6 devices and just used Racing Live instead.

Jan 2, 2013: Updated most screenshots to Racing Live

Other IFs

Contact TL:
- If you don't know your password and don't have access to current device
- If you don't know your ID and don't have access to current device
- If you don't have your ID and/or never set one, your progress will be more difficult, if at all, to retrieve.
- If you don't know your ID and don't have the current device or device is unusable, your progress may be lost . but still contact TL to see if they can help you. They are going to ask for UDID or the device's unique identifier and possibly some other things to help recover your games.


I highly do not recommend the UDID method for transfer as it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Some people have had success with this and that is very good. But then a lot of people do not and what happens is both current and new devices will have an error saying that they aren't connected to a WiFi connection when they are and/or the current device loses progress of their games. Which is why having a password is important for recovery and not just transfers.

Most of the time, to fix that would be to clear your recently used/background apps. There are plenty of websites explaining how to do that.

Next would be to restart (turn off/on) your device. Meaning to completely shut down and turn the device back on.

The last resort would be to reset your device if you can.

Before you reset though, you'll want to make sure you set a password.

Warning: Be warned, that any apps that you haven't backed up (or doesn't have their own backup feature) and apps that are saved locally to your device will be reset when you reset your device.

Factory Reset/Restore (Intentionally or Un-Intentionally)

This process is very easy IF you have your ID and your password. You would just use the storm8 app to recover your game progress. If you don't have both, contact TL for recovery. They will ask you some details about your 'stats'.

If you purposely reset your device, other apps may be reset as well if they aren't saved on the company's server or saved with an email/password. Anything saved locally to your device will be reset.

Set your password if you haven't!

On to the transfer! :)

Setting password in a TeamLava app

On your current device

Setting your password is VITAL to the recovery or transfer of your ID

Text Version: Main > HELP/FAQ > How to Access the Forum > Create Password > Save.

Transfer process

On your new device

Have the Password for the Storm8 ID you want to transfer. Go to password set up.

Install storm8 game on New Device. I recommend Racing Live or World War
Links to Storm8 games: Storm8 on iOS | Storm8 on Android | Storm8 on Kindle |

Text Version of Transfer in Storm8 app:
-- Play storm8 game to level 2
-- click on Home.
-- tap settings or (gear) icon
-- tap "Storm8" tab (Middle)
-- tap start/resume transfer (IMPORTANT)
-- click on New Device
-- enter in your previous ID (the one you want to transfer with password)
-- enter your password
-- tap Transfer
-- tap Confirm
-- and you should get this message (a message saying it was successful)
-- now you can install your games if you haven't already and open them up.
-- You'll most likely have to wait for things to load up.

Restaurant Story Log In / Transfer Method

Restaurant story now has a log in feature that can transfer/recover your game progress. TL says this option will be available for other TL games and on Android devices in the future.

Text Version of Transfer in Storm8 app:
-- tap storm8 logo
-- tap "Account Settings"
-- tap Log in
-- log in with your storm8 ID & Password
-- tap Proceed
-- after a couple minutes, you should be transferred

Notes on Transferring with Restaurant app

-- When you log in with this method, it allows you to play one ID on more than one device.
-- The progress on the other device will remain. You can factory restore your device to remove progress for selling your old device.
-- There may be more sync issues when you play on more than one device. So make sure that when you close the game, you remove it from background tasks.

Now you can install, or if already installed, open up your Teamlava games on your new device.

When you load up your games, it may take a few minutes to load everything.

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