Thursday, August 2, 2012

Elapsed & Timers4me Multi Timers

Here is what Elapsed (iOS) looks like. I've contacted the dev and they said they are working on improving it more. But I did pay for the extra alarm tones as to support the development. But this does what I like and pretty quick interface. The labels are large enough to see. I'm hoping a sync/backup and a reminder feature will be in the works. There's a nag feature, but it there's a notification every minute, which is too short for me and gets in the way if I'm trying to do something else. But other than that, this is what I use and recommend as a MultiTimer.

Here's what Timers4me (Android) looks like after I set the preferences the way I like. This version is the paid version cuz I liked it that much more. Not sure the limit of timers in the free version. The labels for the timers could be bigger. I do like the custom images and colors of the labels.

So yeah these are my selected multi timers for Android and iOS when the notifications for certain games get buggy.