Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SupremeDynasty.com Website

Sorry for the inconvenience, a few of you have noticed, SD is not loading.

This is due to my hosting service. My hosting doesn't like my website's use of resources and overloads their servers.

They are asking me to upgrade as the website needs it's own dedicated server. (Never thought it would come to this, LOL)
 This comes at a cost though  :/. Very expensive than just regular hosting. Regular hosting I don't mind.

I have a few options:
1. Upgrade
2. Build my own server
3. Shop around for another service

All of these options though will take quite a bit of time. :( and I will have to weigh options and decide which is the best route.

So sorry :(
I am searching for a temporary way of replacing everything.

If you would like to donate, visit this page :)

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: SD wasn't accessible for a while. My provider has informed me that my website is using too much of their shared resources and recommend that I upgrade. However I've looked at their rates for a dedicated server and costs way too much for me. My site may be up temporarily, but I will have to find some other options to how I can keep providing these resources at about equal to the current costs. If you don't see the site again, I'm afraid my hosting provider has locked it again due to server load. I can't resolve anything right now due to finals and temporary absence. So things will probably get started after Aug 19.