Friday, October 26, 2012

Monster Story Inventroy, Chart, Spreadsheet, Checklist, Egg Types

TeamLava is discontinuing support for this app Aug 30, 2013. More details here

Monster Story Inventroy, Chart, Spreadsheet, Checklist, Egg Types

SD Tools & Reference
- Monster Checklist - Check off what monsters you have.
--- (will need an account w/Springpad. Available on iOS, Android & K.Fire)
- Monster Story Breed Combo Tracker - Where you enter your breeding combinations
- Breed Combo Tracker Search - search the outcomes of people's breed combos.
- Elemental Search - Search Lists by Element/Color combo
- Monster Combo Search - Search Lists by Monster and get possible monsters to breed
- Replacing Monsters - Decide which Monsters to trade if your habitats are full

Neighbor Finder: From | List

More References
- Great Breeding Chart!! with extra info

You contact me here or here for monsters that I don't have a screenshot (SS) for yet. Or u can just take a screenshot and post it here. It just needs to be a screenshot where you are all the way zoomed in, so the egg/Monsters turns out really clear and easier to transparentacize :) (I know that isn't a word :p )

(Times acquired from reference thread)
** Eggs mostly by players, thank you :) **

I'm still working on the details for the rest of the information and searching the threads. If I missed something, please write me on my wall or send a PM or visit this page and let me know.

Monster Story Neighbor Finder
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