Saturday, November 3, 2012

NEW Navigation and Inventory system :)

Check out the NEW Navigation Panel! Right now it's only applied to Bakery, but will soon be in the other pages. Bakery was my test page :p

Working on a completely different inventory & menu/navigation. The lists for Bakery & Restaurant were getting too long for me & I'm pretty sure you all were tired of scrolling all around! LOL!

Very inconvenient if you're on a small device, so I decided to revise the design again, of course with the help of Dreamweaver to keep everything consistent and help update all the pages at once :p.

Hope you all enjoy it! I will be updating the rest in the upcoming months, as there are a lot of pages and more coding!

Well you know where to post comments and such for the new 'design' :). Let me know what you think.